Client: Mandrin Homes, LTD

Project: Rebrand and Brand Management

Challenge: Brand Obsolescence

Mandrin Homes is a 45 year old privately held home building company. They have a presence in Maryland and Delaware. The challenge was that the brand did little convey the company’s outlook and direction as the new decade arrived. The company decided to become the vanguard in green homebuilding and development in the region. Understanding that the client had a strong logo and customer recognition, we decided to base our new design on their current brand. Taking the stylized M block and adding a leaf proved to be subtle yet effective. Changing their tag line from The Art of Fine Living to The Art of Green Living reinforced the notion that this homebuilder was now The Green Homebuilder.

A new website, print materials, signage and ongoing marketing campaign has allowed this company to flourish during a difficult economic market. Differentiation is just one way branding can enhance the vision of an organization.

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