Client: KM Homes

Project: Branding

Challenge: Entry into a crowded market

KM Homes is a home building company that began in 2013. The company was focused on building custom green homes in central Maryland. The company wanted to unite the fine tradition of craftsmanship with the cutting edge of modern green construction. In this project, we thought of color first. It is common in the homebuilding industry to project one’s brand through color. Road shoulder signs are commonly the chief way customers are directed to a builder’s model homes. Many color combinations were already in use: Burgundy and white for NV Homes, red, white and blue for DR Horton and royal blue and white for Ryan Homes. To express KM Homes’ message, we went with a lime green and watery blue. This conveyed the company’s commitment to the environment and provided a highly visible contrasting visual presence. We then turned to the company’s icon. We represented the home and green components in a modern and slightly artistic way. Lastly, we added the font that was highly readable and nodded to the past. To complete the brand we added a tagline with stylized and memorable text. Green from the Ground Up, has become this company’s mantra. Thoughtful land development and green homebuilding practices have provided this company and its customers a clear understanding that this home was well built and will provide its owners generations of healthy clean living.

A new corporate sign, website and printed materials completed this project’s launch. Ongoing marketing campaign and community outreach will emphasize this company’s banner year.

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