Gilligan Creative is a multifaceted firm anchored in design. Identity + Brand Design, Web Design, Event Branding, Graphic Design, Residential + Lifestyle Influencing, and Photography Curation. We work with select businesses and nonprofits to better promote and integrate their brand into their outward-facing collateral and communications. Consistency, creativity, and brand fidelity are the pillars of building and maintaining recognition and trust. We understand the value of these pillars and look to promote them in everything we do. At Gilligan Creative, we imagine for a living.

Identity + Brand Management

Identity is the single best way to create a memorable experience for your customers. A clear identity will bridge the divide between your company's platforms to craft a smooth customer experience.

Web Design + Management

We build visually compelling websites that instantly reinforce credibility and that drive conversion: warm and welcoming gourmet restaurants if you will that turn wary visitors into raving evangelists.

Event Branding

Crafting a reliable and consistent event brand will dazzle sponsors, attendees, and partners.  When people think of your event, what do they think of? No doubt, there are specific colors, fonts, and services that come to mind, but what else? Personality. Attitude. Aesthetics.

Graphic + Visual Design

A picture speaks louder than a thousand words; similarly, a well-designed logo, brochure, or website, can reflect a lot what your company or products stand for. Graphic design is the art that creatively represents your marketing needs through innovative graphics.

Residential + Lifestyle

I carefully research and select products to create spaces that enrich my life today and endure into the future.  I hate wasting money on junk, or fads, or impractical articles.  I also love to share what has impressed me and how I think it can make your life better.

Image Curation

Curating photography for clients allows their brand and voice to extend into their spaces.  I have provided clients with thoughtful images to further the experience of those in their area. Conference rooms that convey life, office suites that carry loyalty, or restaurant dining rooms that convey authenticity are all part of the curated experience Gilligan Creative provides.

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Evan Gilligan

Creative Director


Imagination is at the heart of creativity. As long and I can remember, I have created my environment to realize my imagination. Whether it was elaborate pillow forts when I was a child, raw ground that I molded to a community for hundreds of families when I was in my thirties, or award-winning brand design in my forties, I have continually asked myself, how can it be better. Can it be more productive, more beautiful, more meaningful, more memorable? These are the driving questions throughout my life. They are also the core questions that I will ask when managing your next project.

Traveling has been a passion of mine since I was a youngster. I have had the fortune of backpacking across Europe just out of college. I lived on an island in Thailand after I attained my masters. I find the more I travel, the smaller the world becomes. I also have come to understand that no matter where in the world, I find myself, I have far more in common with the people I meet than I do differences. Through the eyes of those around me both at home and abroad, I can more fully understand the human experience. I continue to learn even more every single day.

I live work and play on the banks of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. I live with my husband of 20 years and two Labradoodles. Life's pretty good.

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