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Image Curation + Commissions

Creating Inspiring Spaces.  Curating photography for clients allows their brand and voice to extend into their spaces.  I have provided clients with thoughtful images to further the experience of those in their area. Conference rooms that convey life, office suites that carry loyalty, or restaurant dining rooms that convey authenticity are all part of the curated experience Gilligan Creative provides.

Evan Gilligan:  The preservation of my experience is the reason I have pursued photography with such vigor. I enjoy both the smallest of details as well as the big picture of grand moments. Often in my photography, I shoot the rivets that hold up a bridge. But on occasion, that same bridge in all of its details makes for a beautiful image.

Beginning at Maryland Hall School for the Creative Arts in Annapolis, Maryland, at age eight, I saw the power of preservation in the camera's lens. Every image that I could capture would serve as my memory for my life. As the years turned into decades, I looked back on my life of pictures, and the looking glass of my experience came into focus.

Let our passion become your next tool to promote your brand through curated photographic installations.

Moran Insurance Headquarters

Moran Insurance's logo includes a bridge. This bridge is a representation of the original bridge that spanned the Severn River. Using the bridge's iconography and their slogan, "Building Bridges for Life," we were tasked to outfit their offices with images of bridges within 60 miles of Severna Park, Maryland. We provided 22 photos to the firm for installation throughout their space. The overall effect is both relevant to the brand and attractive to the eye.


Come Home Baltimore - Oliver Street Redevelopment

Come Home Baltimore builds beautiful homes and healthy communities. They are committed to addressing Baltimore's vacant housing crises by renovating pre-existing housing stock and bringing families back to Baltimore City. For this project, we partnered with several firms to create a model home and sales center that would convey all that was possible with the Oliver Street Neighborhood. Urban revitalization, by its very nature, implies that the neighborhood was once a desirable place to live and raise a family. We were tasked with providing artwork for the sales center. Gilligan Creative was commissioned to document the most minor and most significant moments in the lives of residents of Baltimore through photography. We also sourced through various historical societies and museums, bygone images of the neighborhood illuminating the successes of those who lived then. The project included a thirty-six-square-foot montage of city landmarks mixed with flashes of city life, mounted directly onto PVC and installed on a bare brick wall. We also worked closely with visuals to amplify the brand. The effect was stunning and genuinely illustrated the vision of the project.

Conference Room at The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins 

We received a commission to enhance the main conference room. In a working world that is increasingly centered around open floor plans, the conference room stands as one of the last remaining areas for a private, productive meeting. It's critical, then, to get its design, format and features just right. Ultimately, they can mean the difference between a room that's just another place to work and a space where creativity and collaboration take on life.

When designing your team's conferencing areas, it's essential to consider the employees and clients that will be using the space and its purpose. We augmented the drab walls with a series of 8 images, each 9 square feet aluminum piece featuring shells. We used the color spectrum of the shells to tell the story of color as one's eye moves around the room.


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