Client: Flagship Asset Services

Project: Rebranding, Marketing Materials, Paper Banding

Challenge: Overcoming Forgettability


Flagship had the all too common issue of being forgettable. All too often in an attempt to cater to the masses, we offer an image that is super easy to understand requiring no further thought as to its meaning. The side effect of this crowd-pleasing tactic is that no one will remember you. In the arena of financial services nearly every firm looks to hyper-traditional iconography and font to achieve a projection of trust. We know that trust is earned and is fortified with competence. Use memorable imagery and bold graphics. This will project to your competition and most importantly your customers that you don’t need to hide behind a benign brand. You are a leader in the industry for others to look to. With the new brand of Flagship we have done just that. The clip-art steamship was replaced with a 5-blade propeller. We chose a propeller, because with out it the ship goes nowhere. It is the driving force behind the flagship. We used a 5 bladed propeller because of Flagship’s proprietary 5-step process that humanizes the sterile content of financial planning and allows the average customer to understand his or her financial future. Additionally, we left the ship behind because of its potential negative connotations of sickness, sinking, or peril. We chose the classic American color palate. Like, myself, Derek is a New England Patriots fan, I couldn’t help but incorporate that. Red, White and Blue also has the power to persist in our memory well after we have seen this logo.

As I always say, not brand is complete without a tagline. A tagline is a small amount of text, which serves to clarify the company’s mission. For Flagship Asset Services, our tagline is simple; Clarity Ahead. It is the desire of both the captain of a ship as well as a client who is entering into the perceived world of confusing finances.

The branding package included the logo, tagline, letterhead, promotional materials, email signature and flyers. In 2016 we will be building the website, which will be found at If you need the services of an extremely talented financial planner, please contact Derek DiManno at


11732045_821905447923293_6384001659095697830_oFLAGSHIP LOGO BEFORE AND AFTER

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